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Turning the World Upside Down Covenant Fellowship, Inc. “The TURNING FELLOWSHIP” is an all-encompassing network of pastors, faith leaders and ministries who equips leaders for the work of ministry, providing spirit filled leadership development to its covenant partners through personal development, scholastic enrichment and authentic connections, resulting in transformed leaders, producing transformational ministries.  


T Bronner - Going Through Motions Quote.

Mission Statement

The TURNING Fellowship is called and dedicated to raise up a fully equipped group of national and international leaders who are trained for the work of ministry and are able to: 


1) reach the lost, 2) train the saints in faith and truth, 3) strengthen families, 4) send forth prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers, and 5) minister to leaders by building healthy relationships and teaching the importance of Godly character and integrity.


Vision Statement

The TURNING Fellowship empowers to equip leaders and churches, with spheres of influence, located throughout the world who are committed to worship that touches the heart of God, preaching and teaching with integrity the Word of God; churches and ministries that are spiritually relevant in equipping the saints  to evangelize the nations, with an uncompromised unity in the body of Christ; thereby turning the world upside down.


2021 Reality

  • Personal DEVELOPMENT

  • Ministry Enhancement

  • Scholarly Enrichment




The TURNING Fellowship’s answer to what’s missing and therefore needed in organized ministries, we will provide:

  • Didactic leader personalities maximizing their influence in an organized manner to achieve stated mission objectives

  • Strength of a clear and concise vision of what can be and what must be

  • Reciprocal relationships (top down/bottom up) in senior leaders and lay leaders

  • Respond to the call of national networks and para-ministries who demand a better quality of the leaders anointing

  • A functional kingdom to community strategy and tool kit for churches to expand their socio-economic ministry

  • Hands on mentorship that offers opportunities for small to large churches to execute the Great Commission with proficiency

  • Educational and training symposiums with “real world ministry” practicums

  • An atmosphere of camaraderie

  • Leader to leader counseling for maintaining personal integrity

  • Methodical church plants, ministerial development, and self-care plans

  • Church drama mediation and conflict resolution and transformation


(TWUDCF Membership Benefits)


Radical Fellowship

Intentional scheduling of annual gatherings, meetings, convocations and/or retreats for the purpose of regularly connecting, collaborating, and networking.


Relevant Relationships

Relationships centered on personal, shared interest, rooted in the understand of God’s love for humanity where a sense of “with-ness” is created, cultivated, and promoted.


Scholastic Enrichment

Providing onsite and in class instructions from credentialed and accredited individuals on church protocol and etiquette, administration, policy and procedures, church business and finance, and ministry organization utilizing the Best Practices Model...collective sharing of wat works and what to avoid in ministry application.  TWUDCF is also a vehicle for receiving a Certificate in Christian Education Ministry through The Sound of the Genuine Biblical Institute and Freedom Bible College.

Mission Statement
Vision Statement

Personal Development

Provides information and instruction on mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical self-care.

Authentic Connection

Reciprocal relationship between leader and laity, and leader to leader, maintaining a standard of mutual respect and appreciation for one another regardless of position or title.


Transformational Leadership and Ministry

Providing strategies for economic development; regional and national social justice issues; collective efforts and resources for improving communities and political justice initiatives impacting the population of TWUDCF.

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